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• 11/27/2017

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• 11/9/2015


(I don't know where should I write this)
Hello people! I love Numtack05 series since I first heard from them a few years ago, but I didn't know that there was a wiki! A wiki that seems to be alive, on top of that! (Kind of, I suppose)
I have no idea what to say really, I don't even have a good level of english so I doubt I could help you, but you guys are awesome! I just wanted to say that :D
So I will be reading all the articles for the moment, mainly searching for thing I don't know.
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• 9/1/2015

The Untangling Thread

Or, if you prefer, Interpretations Thread B ;D
Please note, this thread is being made for the specific purpose of me writing up all the known facts about an unexplained issue in the Putin-P series and then puzzling out what the most likely answer is or simply to determine how I will vaguely write it up on an article. 
I would have just done this in a sandbox but user input is appreciated if I've left something out or missed something. This is partially, of course, me working under the assumption that there is no more info to be wrung out of the series itself and that Numtack05 hasn't provided explanations in a place I, coming in years later and speaking no Japanese, can access--so the gaps in pages will need to be filled by deduction or keeping areas vague.
So yush I will write up the thorniest issue in a little bit, Rin's "early life".
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• 7/15/2015

Main Page Edits

oOO/ Here is the thread where we can discuss edits that I'd like to make to the main page and any edits you yourself think of as well. For now probably making a list will be sufficient, so without further ado-
1. The Parts under the Song section should be linked to the individual part pages rather than the first song of each Part. i.e., Part 1 should link to Part 1 and so on. 
2. There should be a link somewhere to the main series page where people can clearly see it.
3. About section should be revised accordingly:

Make it clear that interpretation of the series' more vague points is often aided by clues in the songs and lyrics and not merely viewer opinion.
Replace Keywords with approximately "Key Phrases are lyrics that are important to understand the general details of the song"
Replace Notes with approximately "Notes are details about the song and its context to ease understanding"
Replace Confusions with approximately "Curiosities are unclear parts of the song and irrelevant facts."
Add Sound Analysis with the explanation of the Illustration Analysis.
4. Possibly add Irina, Red Rin, Irina's Comrade, and the Dog to the character section--unless that might clutter it up?
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• 6/26/2015

Putin-P Interpretation Discussion

This here is the start of a discussion thread for Putin-P fans who wish to share interpretations of the series that they believe are valid--if not valid enough for putting on main pages, then at least for putting on appropriate Fan Interpretation pages, although hopefully for putting on main pages.
Some things in this series are not up for debate, but as official word from Numtack05 on some things is scarce and unlikely to be reached, those other some things are up for debate. So. Debate them here I guess ;;;OOO/
Please note that the series was left in the English fandom with a lot of misconceptions due to multiple translations of varying quality (most poor) and little access to Numtack05's own commentary, so this thread would also be good for clearing those up. I will later do a post of facts that were determined in the last couple of months that do not appear to have been widespread by the time most of the fandom lost interest to help people get up to speed.
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• 6/27/2015

Checklist thread

Hahaha I've no idea how to operate a forum. I'll just put a list here.
Pages to be added:

Song pages
The Endless Survivor
The Twisted Emperror
End of Discussion
Character pages
Mr. Producer
Location pages
Shibuya station
Rin's house
A chronology page / Timeline like this.
A discography page. Not on top of the list, just adding some content.
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