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Alexiel Lucifen
• 6/27/2015

Checklist thread

Hahaha I've no idea how to operate a forum. I'll just put a list here.

Pages to be added:

  • Song pages
    • The Endless Survivor
    • The Twisted Emperror
    • End of Discussion
  • Character pages
    • Vocaloid
      • Mr. Producer
    • Location pages
      • Shibuya station
      • Rin's house
  • A chronology page / Timeline like this.
  • A discography page. Not on top of the list, just adding some content.


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Alexiel Lucifen
• 10/22/2015

Oh yeah, Numtack05 said something to the effect that this is a personification of things that happen on a computer (such as the whole virus thing because I think a virus destroyed his own computer) so there is that o---o

Oh, that happened when I was editing The Dog < < It's some kind of glitch, you gotta resave it again.

On another note, I am almost done referencing all the finished pages ;W; Putin-P Series page aside.

• 10/25/2015



• 11/6/2015

It's been slow around here with translating at a standstill so I thought I'd post this fan-video for Last Russian Emperor https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s6SAwCv9OHQ&feature=youtu.be

We can at least say what it's probably about amirite?

• 11/30/2015

Okay the translator looked at the Fav Character Poll and confirmed for me that the uploader and "Teihen-P", that is to say Rin and Len's uploader, are the same person. The poll specifies, though, that he's different from Putin-P.

So I'll be making a character page for "Teihen-P" with all the information given on what "the producer/uploader" was doing, and will later try to determine what role, if any, Putin-P serves in the story. I might have to check the credits of each video individually.

• 11/30/2015

Just so you know ;w; if you still check

• 12/2/2015
It is complete 0o0
• 12/12/2015

I'm at my wit's end with the History page. I don't think that it's our wiki's responsibility to tell people the history of the Soviet Union, McDonalds, and Vocaloid outside of what it means to the series. It's not adding much except for pointless facts or things that are already covered on other pages. 

I think I'm just going to nuke it and work from scratch. Sorry if you don't agree with this and you come back and get mad about it ;w; I hope the new History page looks pleasing, relevant, and clear for fans when it's done. I'll find out what to do with all the stuff on the real-world timelines one way or another.

The main thing, too, is that we don't have exact dates for basically anything. So it's going to be mostly a sequence of events timeline--we can't always match the year that a video was posted to the year that something happened, for example. So I'm going to just make assumptions by hints in the video what year it's likely taking place. (Such as the inclusion of certain celebrities and technology.)

• 1/3/2016

Happy New Year! I'm sorry for not checking in for like... What feels like months? orz I've lost track on how much I've read on Putin-P's blog too so that's a bit inconvenient orz He's been writing about something sports related though in his niconico (like 4 separate blog pages? it's super long and I didn't bother)

I'm okay with the changes so don't worry about me. By the way, about the comment on numtack05's page.. I don't recall any entries about the accident / the computer troubles. Not yet anyway... m(__)m

• 1/11/2016

!!! @O@ You're back! //shot

Is okay, I've also gotten slow since translation of the bonus songs has stopped and all ;w; and yesh Numtack05's page is a bit too difficult for someone with carpal tunnel to deal with even with the blog being all in Japanese. > > I don't suppose we have to write about that sports thing, right?

0O0 but ohhh, I just remember him talking about it from when I was looking up dates and comments on videos. But I also think he discussed the earthquake in Japan from some years back too, so for all I know I mistook one of his posts on that.

• 2/11/2016

Alright, it lacks some details I would have liked to include, but the Numtack05 page is completed with no visible gaps. The only WIP pages left are our slew of Bonus Songs, which we'll probably need to use another translator for. 

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