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• 9/1/2015

The Untangling Thread

Or, if you prefer, Interpretations Thread B ;D

Please note, this thread is being made for the specific purpose of me writing up all the known facts about an unexplained issue in the Putin-P series and then puzzling out what the most likely answer is or simply to determine how I will vaguely write it up on an article. 

I would have just done this in a sandbox but user input is appreciated if I've left something out or missed something. This is partially, of course, me working under the assumption that there is no more info to be wrung out of the series itself and that Numtack05 hasn't provided explanations in a place I, coming in years later and speaking no Japanese, can access--so the gaps in pages will need to be filled by deduction or keeping areas vague.


So yush I will write up the thorniest issue in a little bit, Rin's "early life". 

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• 9/1/2015

Issue 1: Rin's Early Life

My biggest impediment to finishing Rin's article and taking her off the WIP list is bridging the gap between Elena creating the Irina data file and her ending up inside Kagamine Rin, occasionally glitching out to Red Rin but otherwise mostly memory-wiped, as shown in Part 1. Let me try to organize all the facts at my disposal > >

  • Elena uploaded Irina.exe onto the internet. This appears to be what is shown in It's the End!, so the things said in that song may be significant to show what's going on.
  • At some point, Irina.exe got into the Rin android as a new programming.
  • The former programming of the Rin android was Red Rin.
    • I believe it's possible, even probable, that Red Rin was in the same boat as Camui and was made for the sake of fighting for Russia or some other government as a "Red Demon," hence the red eyes, violent tendencies, and antagonism of Ronald.
  • For some reason, Rin was going to disappear unless she had her memories erased (possibly it was that she would have to destroy herself for the same reasons she has to at the finale.
    • "See, with "the one who reports" (Camui) gone missing, because of them, these strange things, the fact they occurred has been exposed." That is Miku's stated reason why she is destroying herself now. It seems to be that Rin doesn't want to get caught up in politics. Now that Camui is missing, his employers will be coming after her, that seems to be what she means.
  • Irina.exe was attached to a virus, but somehow got away from the virus? Numtack05 also mentioned the spam file somehow turning into a virus that destroys things instead. Teppannov is the one that inserted the virus, but how did they get away from the virus? Was that represented by anything?
  • Miku said Rin "Made the uploader rewrite her memories of herself a second time," but what was the first time? And why was this necessary?
  • Rin makes mention of the first time in Goodbye to You, where she mentions using the uploader to deceive herself. If we take that whole spiel as one long narrative, it goes Deceived self --> Innocent and cool --> Memories returned --> "Let me be here longer" --> Wish was granted thanks to Vocaloid (leading to Rin.)
  • Rin describes an incident in Not Together which I assume is about before or the first time she had her memories wiped. Because it's in Moscow, I will assume it's before her memories were wiped. 

I'll be adding to this.

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