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• 11/9/2015


(I don't know where should I write this)

Hello people! I love Numtack05 series since I first heard from them a few years ago, but I didn't know that there was a wiki! A wiki that seems to be alive, on top of that! (Kind of, I suppose)

I have no idea what to say really, I don't even have a good level of english so I doubt I could help you, but you guys are awesome! I just wanted to say that :D

So I will be reading all the articles for the moment, mainly searching for thing I don't know.

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• 11/9/2015

Hello! OOO/ (Probably a message wall would be more appropriate XD but it's alright)

It's nice to meet you! Yes, this wiki has actually been around for a while but it was dead because of the series ending/a whole lot of misconceptions from the Vocaloid wiki. I came in with some objectively better translations and me and Formuliin have been expanding it together. I'm glad our work is appreciated! ^o^ I'd say the wiki is nearing a state of completion, so enjoy the articles 0w0/

0O0 If I may ask, what language are you fluent in? 

• 11/10/2015

Yeah, I'm reading the translations here and they make a lot more sense that the ones I knew. Specially Illusion Catastrophe, I didn't really understand most of it, I feel enlightened now :3

I speak spanish btw

Also, I usually enter the Evillious Chronicles wiki and see you there doing things, so it was a surprise that you were here too xD

• 11/11/2015

OOO !!! I didn't know Putin-P had fans who spoke Spanish. Not that it's too surprising but- XD

Yes 0W0 Although our translator stresses that this series was very difficult for her and she's sure that all of them are off in some way, they are more accurate than anything the previous popular translators, who knew no Japanese at all, can come up with. It is for this reason that I am saddened she is not doing the Bonus Songs. The bulk of the WIP pages on this wiki ;-----;

XD I don't often get involved in other series but this one has particular nostalgia for me in my early Vocaloid days @w@ 

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