Song title
Original title:【オリジナル】ねむりたいのに!【巡音ルカ】

Romaji: Nemuritai no ni!
English: Although I Want to Sleep!

Megurine Luka
numtack05 (music, lyrics)

Shiuka (illust, video)

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In an unknown room a record plays and then comes to a stop as Irina shoots herself. The song opens up to Elena typing on her laptop, unable to sleep until she broadcasts the story of Irina's death all over the internet so that she might be forgiven. She reflects on how she had once believed in Putin when she was a child, then resolves that she wants the people to have the freedom to dream and have their free speech.

To that end, she broadcasts the story to rouse the people. She eventually goes to sleep and the data world is seen as the story is uploaded. Elena sings during this time of being loved by a "human heart" and remarking on how pretty and warm another place is. At the end of the data sequence, Urusei Teppannov is shown at the door, preparing to attack. 


気が狂いそうなの ワインが水のよう
初めて見た笑顔 最後に見た笑顔
あたしは何をしてる? 馬鹿だわ
あなたをひどく 裏切る事になるけど

ねむりたいのに ねむれないのよ
これを作って 許されたいのよ
ネットを巡れ 悲しいあの子
そう無駄にはしない 人を動かすの☆

気持ちをコントロール☆ こころ寝かせて
救ってるはずだった 見ないフリしてた

あなただけを 信じていたのに
あたしもまだ 子供なのよね、、

ゆめみる自由と 絡めた舌を
返してほしい 耐えられないの

眠れそうだわ あと少しだけ
このデータだけ バラまきたいのよ
隠せないのよ 悲しいあの子
そう無駄にはしない 人を動かすの

消えぬ罪と 残る景色
愛されてね! そこはとても

Ki ga kuroi souna no WAIN ga mizu no you
Hajimete mita egao Saigo ni mita egao
Atashi wa nani wo shiteru ? Baka da wa
Anata wo hidoku Uragiru kotoninaru kedo

Nemuri tai no ni Nemurenai no yo
Kore wo tsukutte Yuru sare tai no yo
NETTO wo megure Kanashii ano ko
Sou muda ni hashinai Hito wo ugokasu no ☆

Kimochi wo KONTOROORU☆ Kokoro nekasete
Sukutteru hadzu datta Minai FURI shite ta

Anata dake wo Shinjite ita no ni
Atashi mo mada Kodomo na no yone

Yumemiru Jiyuu to Karameta shita wo
Kaeshite hoshii Taerarenai no

Nemure souda wa ato sukoshi dake
Kono DEETA dake BARA Makitai no yo
Kakusenai noyo Kanashii ano ko
Sou muda ni hashinai Hito wo ugokasu no

Kienu tsumi to Nokoru keshiki
Semete hito no kokoro de
Ai sare te ne! Soko wa totemo
KIREI de ne?
Atatakai no☆

I seem to have gone mad, the wine is like water
The smile I saw in the beginning, the smile I saw in the end
What am I doing? This is stupid
This is awfully becoming a betrayal of you, but

Although I want to sleep, I can't sleep
I want to be forgiven by creating this
Let it go around the net, that sad girl
I'll make the most of it, I’ll stir the people☆

I'll control my feelings☆ Making my heart sleep
I thought it was helping, I was pretending not to see

I only believed in you, and yet
I too was still just a child,,

The freedom to dream, and our arrested tongues
I want you to give them back, it’s unbearable

I'll seem to sleep, and a little bit later
I want to broadcast just this data
You won't be able to hide it, that sad girl
I'll make the most of it, I'll stir the people

The sin that won't vanish and the remaining scenery
At least by a human heart
I'm loved! Over there is very
Pretty, isn't it?
And warm☆

English Translation by Pricechecktranslations

Key PhrasesEdit

  • 『これを作って 許されたいのよ』 I want to be forgiven by creating this
  • 『これを作って 許されたいのよ』 I'll make the most of it, I'll stir the people
  • 『ネットを巡れ 悲しいあの子』 Let it go around the net, that sad girl
  • 『このデータだけ バラまきたいのよ 』 I want to broadcast just this data
  • 『消えぬ罪と 残る景色』 The sin that won’t vanish and the remaining scenery
  • 『せめて人の心で 愛されてね!』 At least by a human heart I'm loved!

Illustration AnalysisEdit

  • Elena at her laptop.
  • Irina preparing to commit suicide
  • Elena, finally falling asleep.
  • Teppannov holding a pistol.

In this, Elena's first appearance, she appears as an adult dressed in a female Russian military outfit, signifying her working under Putin while the badge implicates her of high rank. Costume aside, Elena's location is unknown. Several cigarettes accumulate inconspicuously in the ashtray as the video goes on, showing Elena as a heavy smoker, while a wine bottle is shown on the right that is referenced in the song.

Aside from a record from the beginning, a picture of Irina is also shown pointing a gun at herself through the song, smiling on a snowy background; such is the background of the area she committed suicide. Similar to the illustration shown before; Elena finally falls asleep and yet continues to type. Right before it ends with the internet-cyber like animation, Teppannov makes his first appearance, at the door with a gun; the snow on his shoulders indicates his having just been outside. 

Sound Effect AnalysisEdit

The video opens to the sound of a record, which scratches to a halt at the time of the gunshot that marks Irina's suicide. Following this the sound of Elena typing can be heard after she falls asleep, seeming to indicate that she can type in her sleep or that she broadcasts the story of Irina's death sometime after resting. At the very end of the PV a voice, likely Teppannov's, speaks as he arrives at the door.



  • The video shows the first picture of Irina attempting to commit suicide, which will show up later in subsequent videos. 


  • The song marks Elena and Teppannov's first appearance in the series

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