Don't Interfere, Alright
Song title
Original title:【オリジナル】じゃましないでね☆【初音ミク】

Romaji: Jama shinaide ne☆
English: Don't Interfere, Okay?☆

Hatsune Miku
numtack05 (music, lyrics)

Shiuka (illust, video)

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As a result of all the she had learned in the song To You, To Me. Miku, having cut her hair, sets out of her room and races through the streets. She aggressively intends to show Len and Rin everything that she's learned; as she runs, Miku begins ruminating on Elena's role in the story, as well as Rin's own ignorance and Len's futile attempts to stop what's happening, in comparison to her renewed efforts. To show Len what she learned, as well as to meet with Ronald again, she shoots Len. In the snow she spots Rin with a gun to her own head, and wonders if it's because of "Irina", or Red Rin. She then intends to sing for the sake of the person she separated with; another gunshot then sounds.









犬は止めるの 単純だから!



なにも ないの




Anata no KOKORO no koe
Sunao ni watashi utau
PUUCHIN na ano baita ga
Kidzuita no ne, saigo ni


Koko kara ha sou, watashi ga tsukuru
Mita kotonai sekai wo!!
Kono chiisana fukushuu
Kimitachi ni misetai no!
Hashiru! BIIRU hiyashite☆

Anata ga nozomu mirai nante!
Seserawarau kachi mo nai JOOKU na no nite hee
Soo watashi dake koe ni daseru!
Chiratsuku onna no waraigoe ga fuyukai!!

Jama shinaide ne☆

RIN wa wakaru kotonaku
Watashi to onaji na no ni
Maki komarete kawaisou><
Ano ko ni wa wakaranai


Inu wa tomeru no tanjun dakara!
Soshite onore wo shiiru no
Ichido kieru to kimeta, omae ni sore wo tomeru
kenri, nai yo? Muryoku ne *w

Sukuwaretai no? Sukuitai no?
Namakemono no kamisama wo shinjiteiru no?
Soreja osoi no!tsukamenai doo☆
Yatsu no KETSU wo hippataite dorei ni suru!

Jama shinaide ne☆

Kasukanimieta CHANSU☆
Tatoe chigatte ta toshite
Nanimo nai no
Kore wo mitekidzuita no○

Misete ageru yo daken
Jiken nami no sokusha de☆
Ozanari no ANDEUSON
Shisshisshishisshishishishishisshisshi w

REA na egao ne
Sore wa doitsu no
Ishi na no?


Nee?Anata no saigo no uta wa ARE janai no ne☆
Anata to no ketsubetsu, watashi wa nattokushite nai kara
Nee☆ Utauyo!Anata no kotoba wo souzoushite
Ano koro mitai ni yasashiku shite ageru yo☆

The voice of your heart
I'll obediently sing
That cheap whore
Realized it huh? In the end...

Miserable, huh?☆

From here on out, yes, I'll create it
The world like no one's seen!!
This small revenge...
I want to show it to you guys!
I'll run! Chill the beer☆

Something like the future you wished for!
Although it's a joke that's not worth ridiculing...tehee
Yeah, only my voice can come out!
That dazzled woman's laugh is annoying!!

Don't interfere okay?☆
Rin can't understand
Although it's the same with me
How sad she's been dragged into this><

She doesn't understand

I hate it☆

The dog will stop it, because he's simple!
And then he'll knooow himself
She chose to disappear once, I'll stop that for you
Do you have the right? You're powerless huh? lol

Do you want to be saved? Do you want to save?
Do you believe in the lazy people's god?
That's too slow! I don't get iiiit☆
I'll kick that guy's ass and make him my slave!

Don't interfere, okay?☆

A chance I could faintly see☆
Even if it was different
It's nothing
I looked at this and realized ○

I'll show it to you, you mongrel
With a rapid fire on level with a dimension☆
You're a slapdash Anderson

Heh heh heh heheheheheheh lol

That's a rare smile, eh?
Which is it?
Is it your intent?

Welcome back☆

Heey? Your last song wasn't that, was it? ☆
Because I don’t agree with separating with you
Heey☆ I'll sing! Imagining your words
I'll make them gentle, like in those days☆

English Translation by Pricechecktranslations


  • 『あなたのココロの声 素直にわたし歌う 』 The voice of your heart/I'll obediently sing
  • 『チープなあの売女が』 That cheap whore
  • 『見た事無い世界を!!』 The world like no one's seen!!
  • 『この小さな復讐...君たちにみせたいの!』 This small revenge.../I want to show it to you guys!
  • 『リンは分かる事無く』 Rin can't understand
  • 『すくわれたいの?すくいたいの?』 Do you want to be saved? Do you want to save?
  • 『見せてあげるよ駄犬』 I'll show it to you, you mongrel
  • 『ねー?あなたの最後の歌はアレじゃないのね☆』 Heey? Your last song wasn't that, was it? ☆
  • 『ねー☆歌うよ!あなたの言葉を想像して』 Heey☆ I’ll sing! Imagining your words

Illustration AnalysisEdit

  • Miku running; to the left
  • Len running in the snowstorm
  • Close up on the laptop and gun
  • Len shot
  • Miku stares at the ground
  • The divided Rin
  • Smiling face

The first image is a flashback of Miku singing at the recording studio in tears, a demonstration of how she performed her role to sing others' feelings. The next several images are shots from the previous song "To You, To Me." These may represent Miku preparing to leave; once the image of Miku and Ronald's picture shows up, it is overlaid with an unusual red light effect. It is unknown what this represents, although it can be interpreted as her uploading data into the USB drive. 

Miku is later shown running to the left; as indicated by a comparison of their images, she appears to be running through the same street as Rin did previously in Goodbye to the Dream☆, Tashiro even visible in the background. Several flashbacks are then shown of previous songs to reference events that Miku alluded to in the past or the people she is speaking about. The next significant image is of Len, running in the same direction as Miku. It will be shown later that he is running not too far ahead of her in the worsening blizzard, seemingly oblivious to how nearby Miku is. Len is shown wearing a red scarf, likely the one that he is shown taking from Camui in The Other Side of the Mirror>

The next image depicts Len from Miku's point of view, fallen on the ground after having the USB fired into his headphones. Standing over him is Rin, shown wearing her typical Vocaloid outfit after having stripped all her excess clothes off in Who's the Liar? As Miku looks closer, Rin is shown with one eye red and the other blue, perhaps as a side effect of her "divided" programming, Red Rin and the data Irina, in her interior. The image is briefly superimposed over one of Irina about commit suicide, perhaps suggesting that Rin is trying to destroy herself in a similar manner. The final images are of Miku staring downwards with a smile and linework of a smiling face, which could belong to either Rin or Miku.

Sound Effect AnalysisEdit

During the portion of the song where Miku indicates "kicking the ass" of the god of lazy people, a whip can be heard cracking with a man groaning, likely a humorous illustration of "making someone a slave" and forcing them to work with a whip. Later on, as Miku prepares to fire at Len, a clip of Ronald can be heard. It is unknown what this represents. The last sounds in the song are of gunshots, the first to indicate Miku shooting the USB into Len and the second to indicate either Rin shooting herself or Miku shooting Rin with a USB--later songs would indicate it's the latter.



  • From this point onward Miku's hair remains short, save for when she is presented as having twin tails in flashbacks.
  • The warning "that's not the country > Germany" placed on the PV was put to keep audiences from getting confused by the line "which is it?," which contains a homophone to the Japanese word for "Germany."


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