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Song title
Original title:鏡音リン・レンがオリジナル「おなわをちょーだいっ!」を(ry

Romaji: Onawa wo Choudai!
English: Gimme the Handcuffs!!

Kagamine Len, Kagamine Rin
numtack05 (music, lyrics, video)
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Len opens the song explaining that he stole what he, at the time, believes to be Rin's bag. Finding a backup disk inside, he's pleased and desires to have weed. Beginning to remember everything again, he wonders if he should "return back to Russia". Meanwhile, Rin bemoans that she lost and was unable to rely on Putin with "America" as her opponent. She resolves to call the police and orders them to arrest Ronald, declaring he'd deceived the children. Rin, however, is arrested instead as shown in It's the Start!


Singer Color
Kagamine Rin Yellow
Kagamine Len Blue
Red Rin Red

盗み ました!
リンの カバン
バック アップ
俺の ディスク!

ガンジャきぼん ガンジャきぼん
ガンジャきぼん ガンジャきぼん
ガンジャきぼん ガンジャきぼん
ガンジャきぼん ガンジャきぼん

思い出した 全てを
相変わらず 詰めが甘いw

ミニにタコ 会いたい!


捕まえてね☆ あいつを!
赤い髪の ニクいあいつ!

Rin no kaban
Ore no DISC!

Gan jaki bon gan jaki bon
Gan jaki bon gan jaki bon
Gan jaki bon gan jaki bon
Gan jaki bon gan jaki bon

Omoide shita subetewo
Aikawarazu tsumegaamai lol
Demo damasa reru furi
Shite Roshia ni kaerōkana

Make-sōda wa orz
Pūchin ni wa
Tayorenai wa Amerika ga aite ja
Nasakenai kedo
Are o yobou!
Karada de harau ☆
Mininitako aitai!

BIG MAC POLICE (minnna de! )
BIG MAC POLICE (minna de! )
BIG MAC POLICE (minna de! )
BIG MAC POLICE (minna de! )

Tsukamaete ne ☆ aitsu o!
Akai kami no
Niku i aitsu!
Kodomo wa damasa rete
Atashi wa tada no higaisha yo ☆

I stole it!
Rin's bag
The backup
My disk!

I want weed, I want weed
I want weed, I want weed
I want weed, I want weed
I want weed, I want weed

I remember everything
As usual you fizzle out lol
But by pretending to be tricked
Should I return to Russia?...

Seems I lost orz
In Putin
I can't rely
America is my opponent...
It's miserable, but
I'll call them!
I'll pay with my body☆
I wanna meet the Octopus in a Mini Skirt!

Arrest him☆ That guy!
That hateful guy with the red hair!
He's deceived the children...
I'm just the victim here☆

English Translation by Pricechecktranslations

Key PhrasesEdit

  • 『バック アップ 俺の ディスク!』 The backup/My disk!
  • 『ガンジャきぼん』I want weed
  • 『思い出した 全てを』 I remember everything
  • 『アレ、体で払う』 I'll pay with my body
  • 『ミニにタコ 会いたい!』I wanna meet the Octopus in a Mini Skirt

Sound Effect AnalysisEdit

Following Len's lines, a clip of Ronald can be heard laughing slowly as indicative of his triumph over Rin in their fight. A clip of Ronald screaming can also be heard as the children chant for the "Big Mac Police". Not long after is a clip of a police siren driving past, on the way to Rin's house. Following this, Rin's final exclamation of just being a victim is punctuated by the children cheering; learning in It's the Start! that Rin is arrested, the cheering may be because of Ronald triumphing once again over her.



  • Rin's arrest relates to I'm Happy! and Under the Cherry Blossoms☆, where she had previously tried to kill Ronald, with the police arresting her on arrival to her house.
  • The full version of the song, with the extra copyrighted audio removed, was released on Putin-P's first album, Don't Leave Me Alone.


  • It's commonly interpreted that Len believed the backup disk would restore him from whatever Rin did to him in I'll Give You Chocolate!.
  • It's unknown if Len received all his memories or was in the process of doing so during this song, as he doesn't display the depression shown later on as he remembers what happened to cause Irina's death.

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