Mata Aetara 2
Song title
Original title: 鏡音レン・リン・ミクがオリジナル「またあえたら☆」を(ry

Romaji: Mata Aetara
English: If We Meet Again☆

Kagamine LenKagamine RinHatsune Miku
numtack05 (music, lyrics)

Shiuka (illust)

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Miku sings a song on the radio about a lonely girl wanting to forget about somebody, making references to her own life in the process. Meanwhile, as Len listens to her on a radio at Suidoubashi's betting station, the channel shorts out and Len ruminates on how he'd regained his memories from the Uploader's bag that he stole in "Gimme the Handcuffs!".

Miku sings a bit more and then the radio cuts out again as Len bemoans how he wishes to see the old Rin from before she was a Vocaloid, drifting apart from her as she is now. As Miku continues to sing, Len hugs Rin and, while she stands confused, implants the disk with her memories into her headphones. Miku finishes her song in tears and Rin's memories are uploaded.


忘れたい あなたのこと
私は ただの道具?
とーちゃん 酒場 かーちゃん 羽田

水道橋の馬券場 ラジオの調子が狂う
流れる歌は 君と聴いた

悲しい この記憶だけ
歌いたい 生きるために
それしか 出来ないから・・・

最後の手段だ やるぞ!
でも 君は今楽しんでる

アルタ前 私の庭
ベーコン入れて 野菜嫌いっ!
ジャンクフード はーやーく☆

君は本当 かわいい

突然 何よ? キレるよ?
あんた 中学 サボり過ぎ!
何よ?その手 いやらしい・・・

私 一万ちょっと
凄く お得なのよ!

Wasuretai anata no koto
Watashi wa tada no dōgu?
Tou-chan sakaba kachan Haneda
Hitori wa kurushī

Suidōbashi no baken-ba rajio no chōshi ga kuruu
Nagareru uta wa kimi to kiita
Miku no kyoku, natsukashī na
Nusunda hazu no kimi no baggu
Kimi wa imadani motte iru
Tsume ga amai no wa ore no kata
U p-nushi no baggu ga koko ni aru
Kakikae rareru mae no kioku
Ningende sura nakatta nda orz

Kanashī kono kioku dake
Keshite shimaitai wa
Utaitai ikiru tame ni
Sore shika dekinaikara

Mata hazureta chikushō!
Kyō Abe-san ni wa aenai orz
Saigo no shudanda yaru zo!
Kimi ni subete o miseru
Kimi ga "Rin" janai koro no
Kimi no kioku o motte iru
Futari de koko kara kieyou
Teihen P kara nigeyou
Demo kimi wa ima tanoshin deru
Seito kaichō mezasu
Norainu no oreniha mabushii
Dondon zureteikuna orz
Soredemo saigo no kibō
Mukashi no kimi ni aitai
Jibungattede gomen
Saigo no gan ja o suu ka

Aruta mae watashi no niwa Hosoki ○ ko kieta?
Bēkon irete yasai kiraii!
JUNKFOOD wa hayaku

Kimi wa hontou kawaii
Demo ne, mae wa ima ijou! Kin ga areba, koko demo
Umaku yareta hazu sa

Totsuzen nan yo? Kireruyo?
Anta chūgaku sabori sugi!
Nani yo? Sono-te iyarashī
Hito ga mi teru

Futari mata aerunara ☆
Kitto shiawase ☆
Donna sekai ni ite mo
Kokoro furueru
Heiwa ni akitekita-ra Miku o kii te ne (ha~a to)
Watashi ichi man chotto
Sugoku o tokuna no yo!

I want to forget about you
Am I just a tool?
Daddy's at the bar, Mommy's at Haneda
Being alone is agony

In Suidoubashi's betting station, the radio goes haywire
The song being broadcast is one I listened to with you
I missed Miku's tune
I thought I'd stolen your bag
You're still carrying it now
The one who fizzles out is me
The uploader's bag is here
My memories from before being rewritten
I wasn't even human orz

Just these sad memories
I want to erase them
I want to sing, in order to live
Because that's all I can do...

It's cut out again, son of a bitch!
Abe-san can't meet me today orz
This is a last resort, I'll do it!
I'll show it all to you
Those days you weren't "Rin"
I carry your memories
Let's both get out of here
Let's escape from this base producer
But you're having fun now
Nominated for student council
Radiant to a stray dog like me
We're steadily drifting apart orz
Even so, I have one last wish
I want to meet the old you
I'm sorry it’s so selfish
Will I smoke the last of my weed?...

In front of Alta is my garden
Has Hosoki Kazuko vanished?
Put in bacon, I haaate vegetables!
Hurry up with the juuunk foood☆

You really are cute
But you know, not that you weren't before!
With money, even here
I think I’d have done well

What is this all of the sudden? Have you snapped?
You skip too much junior high!
What is it? Your hands are lewd...
People are staring...

If we could meet again☆
Surely we’ll be happy☆
No matter what kind of world we're in
My heart will tremble...
If you ever get tired of peace
Just listen to Miku (<3)
I'm ten thousand, it's kind of
Really profitable!

English Translation by Pricechecktranslations

Key PhrasesEdit

  • 『ひとりはくるしい』 Being alone is agony
  • 『流れる歌は 君と聴いた』 The song being broadcast is one I listened to with you
  • 『うp主のバッグがここにある』The uploader's bag is here
  • 『書き換えられる前の記憶』 My memories from before being rewritten
  • 『君に全てを見せる』I'll show it all to you
  • 『最後のガンジャを吸うか・・・』 Will I smoke the last of my weed?...

Illustration AnalysisEdit

  • Len listening to the radio
  • Miku singing in the radio
  • Len gave Rin a sudden hug?

Miku is shown singing on the radio, still wearing her school uniform as judging by the vest and tie. Len is shown by the betting station wearing his Vocaloid outfit while he listens to the radio, a type seen often through the series. The background shows a number of people, including Tashiro, inside the station.

The third illust shown is Len suddenly embracing Rin while she wears her Russian clothes over her school uniform; Len can be seen to be smiling as he inserts the USB to her headphones, pleased that he'll see the old Rin soon again. In the final Miku illustration she can be seen to be in tears.

Sound Effect AnalysisEdit

The sound opens with the sound of static feedback, indicative of the radio going haywire as Len attempts to listen to Miku, and more radio noises punctuate the first chorus by Miku. The end of the video has multiple clips of static feedback to indicate the malfunctioning radio, including clips of individuals speaking from Japanese pop culture. The final noise of the video is one associated with Tashiro, indicating his presence as Rin regains her memories.



  • In Putin-P Part 2 album booklet Irina and her dog can be seen listening to a song using an old radio, relating to Len's comment that he listened to Miku's songs with Rin.
  • The song was remastered, with the extra copyrighted audio removed, and released on Putin-P's second album, The Night That Can't Be Seen, The Eyes That Don't Vanish.


  • Hosoki Kazuko is a famous fortune teller in TV; Miku asking if she's vanished may relate to her not knowing her own future.

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