Technical Information
Japanese Name イリーナ
Romanization Iriina
Vocaloid Rin
Biographical Information
Classification Human
Race Russian
Gender Female
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Affiliation Russia
Miscellaneous Information
First Appearance Not Together
Last Appearance Goodbye to You★
Subtitle Color White

"I don't need drugs anymore, I'll stop taking them."

Irina is a young girl living in Russia during the Russian era of the series. Made to work as a child-soldier for the leader Putin, she committed multiple atrocities for Putin's sake alongside her comrades. After committing suicide following the death of her dog, a data reconstruction of Irina mixed into Kagamine Rin.


In the Russia EraEdit

"I remembered the alley I found you in. From there on it was different."
―Rin with Irina's memories[src]

Irina was born sometime in the twentieth century, presumably in Russia. As she grew up, she was indoctrinated into idolizing Vladimir Putin and was made to work for him as a soldier.[1] Learning to use a machine gun, Irina became a capable agent and killed multiple people;[2] during this time she came to know another boy her age working for Putin. At some point, she and the boy practiced knife-play together with some of their other comrades under the watchful eyes of the officer Elena.[3]


Depressed and suffering trauma from her work, Irina regularly took drugs to cope with her many crimes.[4] She also became a fan of the sad songs Hatsune Miku sang on the radio.[5] One day the girl found a stray dog in an alley,[6] whom everyone else ignored.[7] Pitying the dog, Irina took it in and began to raise it herself; she quickly grew close to her new animal companion, listening to Miku's songs with it and often letting it sleep on her lap.[8] As a result, she decided she no longer needed to take drugs to be happy and remained sober.[9]

On one occasion, Irina was called out to work and left the dog in the care of her comrade.[10] On her return home she saw her dog running to her with a yellow scarf in its mouth and she reached out to receive it.[11] Before the dog reached her, she watched as it was shot and killed by the boy she'd entrusted him to, encouraged by her other comrades.[12] Enraged, Irina murdered her comrades with a machine gun and then,[13] smiling, shot herself in the temple with a pistol.[14]

After her death, Elena reconstructed Irina's personality, memories, thoughts, and desires into a data file.[15] The woman made the data into a spam file that would infect computers and show them the story of Irina's death.[16] That data file eventually was uploaded into the Vocaloid Kagamine Rin, while two similar data files of her dog and comrade were uploaded into Kagamine Len and Camui Gackpo, respectively.[17]

In the Vocaloid EraEdit

"It was a little different from Irina's dream, but.."
―Rin on her Vocaloid life[src]

Sometime after the Vocaloid Kagamine Len inserted the disk containing his past programming into himself, he recalled the relationship that he had with Irina as the dog.[18] He also recalled her suicide, for which he was the catalyst, and grew depressed as a result.[19] He then gave Kagamine Rin her memories back and the girl recalled all the details of Irina's life for herself. As a result, she and Len sparked up a new romance.[20]

As a result of gaining her memories back and being damaged by Camui Gackpo, Kagamine Rin entered her data interior. Once there, she took on Irina's appearance as her consciousness split between her virus that had been inserted into her and the Irina data file.[21] The Irina in the data world recognized that she was only a created copy of Irina and anticipated her disappearance.[22]

As she prepared to vanish inside her interior, Kagamine Rin looked back on her own life and Irina's. She compared the life she lived as a Vocaloid with Irina's dream in the beginning as a poor oppressed girl in Russia,[23] and made peace with finally being able to convey that girl's painful feelings to the world.[24] As Len, also inside the data world, bid farewell to the master that he remembered from his dog life,[25] all traces of the constructed Irina vanished.[26]



"For the future to be changed, I wished for this!"
―Rin remembering Irina[src]
Irina was a dedicated and serious child, learning to kill from a young age and becoming completely devoted to Putin to justify the killings she perpetrated.[27] Although able to dispatch multiple people and hardened to the act of killing, the weight of her crimes drew Irina into a depression and lead her to accept the drugs that were given her, living life as though in a dream rather than face her troubles.[28] Feeling unable to confide her painful feelings to anyone,[29] Irina was a lonely girl and happy to have at least a dog companion to support her.[30]

Nonetheless, Irina suffered under work and wished often for the future to change,[31] and for them both to escape from their miserable lives in Russia.[32] Possibly as an extension of this, she seemed to have an interest in Japanese pop culture, listening to the Japanese Hatsune Miku on the radio with her dog,[33] while appearing to have a connection to the Sazae family.[34]

As a result of her suffering, the girl was unstable emotionally. Due to this, she snapped once that happiness she found in the dog was taken away from her, murdering all her comrades in a homicidal rage before killing herself.[35] Finally escaping from her sad existence, Irina was seen smiling before pulling the trigger, happy to finally end her life.[36]

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Trained from a young age, Irina was a capable marksman and able to kill efficiently with a signature machine gun. In addition to this, despite being a child she was hardened to killing and would dispatch opponents without hesitation.[37] She additionally was coherent and able to work even when constantly under the influence of drugs,[38] and had a strong willpower to be able to give them up after taking care of a dog,[39] becoming an adequate and affectionate caregiver.[40]

Despite this, Irina was subject to the limitations that every human, and child in particular, had to face. Among these, she was burdened by guilt and unable to ignore the gravity of her actions and was too young to avoid being manipulated by adults.[41] Finally, as a mere human she was unable to make the things she wished for come true or project herself elsewhere after committing suicide,[42] although the strength of her desires affected Kagamine Rin and Len in the present day.[43]


Irina was a young girl with blonde shoulder-length hair, large blue eyes,[44] and pale skin with freckles;[45] this appearance would eventually be passed on to her data file reconstruction. Due to the cold climates she lived in, Irina wore a dark and heavy fur-lined coat and hat of Russian style, along with a white scarf. She also wore dark gloves, dark boots, and tan pants.[46] She would usually have a strap around her shoulder holding either a machine gun or a bag,[47] depending on her activities.[48]



"Although I was fighting for Putin, I was supported by you"
―Rin remembering Irina's dog[src]
No need to worry
Irina's pet. Irina took pity on the animal, as well as thinking it beautiful,[49] and adopted him as a result. Growing to adore the dog, Irina treated him like a real companion and wished that he was a human that could fully ease her loneliness and hear her painful experiences.[50] Although unable to convey her feelings,[51] she nonetheless felt supported by her companion and was able to overcome her usage of opiates to make herself happy when the dog was by her side.[52]

Irina and the dog would spend time together listening to Hatsune Miku on the radio and she was often physically affectionate with him.[53] Due to their closeness, she regretted having to leave him behind for her work and was happy to see him greeting her on her return.[54] After his death, the strength of her love for him led Irina to snap and kill everyone in her range.[55]


"I shot my comrades"
―Rin on Irina's comrades[src]

Irina's comrade, a fellow agent of Putin. The two appeared to get along to a certain extent and worked well together during their lifetime in Russia.[56] Irina also trusted him to take care of her pet dog while she was away, and it was partially this betrayal of her trust that led her to slaughter him upon the dog’s death.[57] Despite this, Irina found herself unable to confide in her comrade about the pain she experienced doing Putin’s dirty work,[58] and their relationship was considered unimportant to the data Irina.[59]


"I alone could become Putin's right-hand woman, that's what I thought"
―Rin reflecting on Irina's old idolization[src]

Irina's employer. Indoctrinated into believing in Putin since a young age, Irina loved and idolized the Russian leader and fought and killed for his sake.[60] Due to this idolization she continued to do her work, despite her massive guilt over killing, and hoped to one day be by his side as his right-hand woman.[61] This indoctrinated view would also pass on to Kagamine Rin as she received Irina's memories, always wishing to go back to Putin.[62]

Only after her dog was killed by her comrade did Irina wish to end her service to her employer, smiling as she finally escaped from her work by committing suicide.[63] Similarly, Irina eventually realized that everything had been a lie in order to use her and her fellow soldiers. She would carry this realization to Kagamine Rin as she fully regained Irina's memories.[64]



  • In cases where the video text is indicative of the singer, Irina's text is always white.


  • Irina is a name meaning "Peace" in Russian, fitting to Irina's desire for peace over war.
  • Commentators on Nico Nico Douga claim the origin of the name "Irina" is Rin + Ai (A<-->I) ("ai" is Japanese for "love").
  • Youtube commentators interpret Irina as referring to Irina Khakamada, a Russian politician; on June 2006, Khakamada was "threatened" by Putin to never open her mouth about the Russian apartment bombing on 1999.



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