Irina's Comrade
Technical Information
Japanese Name Unknown
Romanization Unknown
Biographical Information
Classification Human
Race Russian
Gender Male
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Affiliation Russia
Miscellaneous Information
First Appearance Stealing is Wrong?
Last Appearance Goodbye to You★
Subtitle Color Light blue

Irina's comrade is a young boy that lived in the Russian era of the series. Made to work as a child-soldier for the leader Vladimir Putin, he committed multiple atrocities for Putin's sake alongside his comrade Irina. One day, he shot Irina's dog when he was supposed to be watching it for the girl, being murdered by her as a result. Sometime after his death, a data file version of him mixed into Camui Gackpo.


In the Russia EraEdit

"We lived glossed over by drugs like in a dream"
―Camui on his past life[src]

The boy was born sometime in the twentieth century, presumably in Russia. As he grew up, he was indoctrinated into serving Vladimir Putin and was made to work as a soldier for him by the time he was a teenager. Learning to use a gun,[1] the boy became a capable agent and killed multiple people;[2] during this time, he came to know another girl his age working for Putin, named Irina. At some point, he and the girl practiced knife-play together with some of their other comrades under the watchful eyes of the officer Elena.[3]

Suffering trauma from his work, the boy regularly took drugs to gloss over and cope with his crimes.[4] On one occasion, Irina approached and entrusted him with taking care of her dog while she was away for an assignment.[5] After agreeing to take in the animal, the boy chained the dog up and left it.[6]

Later, the dog broke free of its chains and ran at the boy,[7] stealing his scarf and running away into the blizzard outside.[8] Followed by the other children, the boy took a gun and chased after the thieving dog. As his other comrades surrounded him, calling for him to pull the trigger, the boy shot the dog just before it reached Irina and laughed as it died.[9] Shortly afterward he was murdered by Irina with a machine gun.[10]

After his death, Elena reconstructed the child's personality, memories, thoughts, and desires into a data file.[11] The woman made the data into a spam file that would infect computers and show them the story of his and Irina's deaths.[12] That data file eventually was uploaded into Camui Gackpo,[13] while two similar data files of Irina and her dog were uploaded into Kagamine Rin and Kagamine Len, respectively.[14]

In the Vocaloid EraEdit

Retaining all his memories and original programming, Camui Gackpo was able to seek out and identify his "comrades" and had full awareness of what had happened in the Russian era.[15] As he faced off against him, Camui also spoke to Kagamine Len about the life of Irina's comrade and Irina herself, drawing on the memories of him that Elena constructed.[16] Using them, he was also able to identify Len as the dog in the story and bitterly remarked on their roles back then.[17]

Once inside the data world Camui would again draw on these memories of the boy as though they were his own, explaining to Len how the boy and Irina had both been pathetic back then.[18] He also was recognized by Len as the one who had shot him when he was a dog.[19] Len shortly after rebuked Camui's statements about their past lives before swiftly ending him.[20]



"Unable to change...Such a me was "La la la la Happy☆""
―Camui reflecting on his old self[src]

The boy had a disagreeable and cruel personality as a result of his indoctrination as a child soldier, able to take pleasure in killing a small animal as well as ruthlessly disposing of other people on orders from his superiors.[21] He was, additionally, addicted to the drugs given him to help him cope with the atrocities he had committed and too far-gone to change, in contrast with Irina.[22] This destructive personality was one that would be carried on into Camui's programming in the present day era,[23] as well as his preference for firing one-handed.[24]

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

As an agent for Putin, the boy was a capable killer from a young age and a good marksman, as well as having skill with a knife.[25] As a demonstration of his excellent skills with a pistol, he was able to hit a moving target while facing weather conditions that made for low visibility as well as being able to do so one-handed.[26] He additionally was able to work coherently despite constant usage of opiates to ease the burden of his work.[27]

Despite this, the boy was subject to the limitations that every human, and child in particular, had to face, such as dying and being unable to broadcast himself the way his data copy could.[28] The boy was additionally unable to catch the dog when it stole his scarf and unable to prevent his own death at Irina's hands soon afterwards.[29] He also lacked the willpower to stop using the drugs given him.[30]


Despite his relation to Irina being unknown, the boy looked somewhat identical to her, having pale clean skin, blue eyes,[31] and blonde hair tied back in a ponytail with messy, spiky bangs. Due to the cold climates he lived in, the boy had a heavy, fur-lined grey coat that buttoned up at the front, also wearing grey gloves, dark pants, and dark boots.[32] He typically wore a red scarf with a yellow scarf on over it, the yellow scarf an indicator of his belonging to the group of other child soldiers.[33]



The boy's comrade. Although the two were not close enough to share a confidential relationship,[34] the boy seemed to care for Irina for a small extent, to where she would entrust him with her dog while she worked away from home for Putin.[35] They also worked closely together as agents of Vladimir Putin.[36] Despite this, any regard the boy had for her was not enough to keep him from shooting her beloved dog in front of her.[37]

Irina's DogEdit

"When I was entrusted with the dog did I change too? No."
―Camui reflecting on the boy's apathy for the dog[src]

A dog entrusted in the boy's care. Although agreeing to take care of the animal for Irina,[38] the boy didn't appear to care for it much, chaining the dog up and treating it badly enough to earn the dog's ire.[39] After the dog stole the boy's scarf,[40] his feelings were fueled to become spiteful for the animal and he was egged on by the other children to kill it for sport;[41] as a result, the boy had no scruple shooting the dog and laughing as it lost consciousness.[42]



  • It is unknown why the boy wore a red scarf under his yellow, unlike his other teammates, however it has been speculated it is a symbol of treachery.



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