All Together Part 1
Song title
Original title: 鏡音リン・レン・ミクがオリジナル「いっしょじゃない」を(ry

Romaji: Issho Janai
English: Not Together

Kagamine RinKagamine LenHatsune Miku
numtack05 (music, lyrics)

Shiuka (illust)

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Following Len's rejection from The Day of the Decisive Battle!, Rin, having shot at Abe-san's jumpsuit, stares morosely at the ground. During this, Miku makes awkward attempts to comfort her, making her laugh and then trying to cheer her up with various foods. She ultimately assures Rin that she shined while she was in love. The frustrated Rin rebukes her efforts and muses on her past before stating her preferred foods.

Elsewhere, Len bemoans that Rin had changed for him previously, not wanting her to abandon herself. He explains as well how he is unable to love her now regardless; he has remembered that his past life self was shot by a child and that the "past Rin", in response, had fired openly. Ominously hinting at the outcome, Len exclaimed everything was his fault and slipped into a drugged stupor.


Singer Color
Hatsune Miku Teal, red
Kagamine Rin Yellow
Kagamine Len Red

馬鹿ね・・・ かける罵声もないわ
ポテト 冷める前に食べな


わたしの 今彼は やさしい(M)
けどね 恋するあなたは

不快 早く消えなさいよ!
ポトフ 食べたいのにポテト・・・
男にね 負けるなんてね
アド街で ロシア
プーチン ハラショーでヤキトリ

思うなよ イクラ!タラ!



Bakane kakeru basei mo nai wa
Poteto sameru mae ni tabe na


Watashi no imakare wa yasashī (M )
Mirume ga nai no ne!
O baka~san!
"Atonomatsuri' to iu yatsu ne
Kōkai shite iru no ne
A ̄ waraeru wa m
Amefurashi-nami ni jimejime
Kabocha? U ̄? Chāhan!
Kedo ne koisuru anata wa

Fukai hayaku kie nasai yo!
Potofu tabetainoni poteto
Otoko ni ne makeru nante ne
Ado machi de Roshia
Mosukuwa Kudake chiru yume o mite ita
Kidzukeba mawari wa kowarete ita no
Subete no teki o kowashi teta
Kako wa kiezu ni
Sugamo Pūchin harashō de yakitori
Tenpura nya ̄ !
Arajio de!

Ore mo kawatta nda yo!
Jibun dake kawatta to
Omou na yo ikura! Tara!
Jibun o suteru na yo na!
Mukashi no kimi ga sukida!
Soredemo shiawaseda yo
Dakedo otokode ii ya!
Kioku kiete shimaeba iinoni
Roshia de no koto
Omoide shite
Kimi o aisenai
Kodomo ni uta re
Kiete iku ishiki
Kimi no jū no oto
Himei himei himei himei himei

Subete ore no sei da orz

LALALALA HAPPY × 3 mada tomerarenai

That's dumb huh?...I have no words that apply
Eat some fries before they cool down


My current boyfriend is kind (M)
You don't have a discerning eye, huh!
You dope☆
That guy who says "It's too late"
Is regretting it, huh?
Ah, made you laugh, haha
You're as clammy as a sea hare
Killifish! Pumpkins? No?
Chinese fried rice!
But hey, you're in love, and
For just a little bit
You shined...

This is unpleasant; disappear at once!
Fries, even though I want to eat pot-au-feu...
I'm losing to men, or something
On Ad street, Russia
I dreamed a shattered dream
When I came to, my surroundings were devastated
All of my enemies had been destroyed
Without disappearing, my past was Sugamo...
Putin, khorosho yakitori!
Tempura, meeew!
With sea salt!

I changed too!
That only yourself would change
Don't think that. Ikura! Tara!
Don't just abandon yourself!
I like the old you!
I'm happy even so...
But I'm fine with men!
If my memories were erased
That'd be great, but...
Those days in Russia
I remember
And I can't love you
I was shot by a child
While I lost consciousness
The sound of your gun
Shrieked shrieked shrieked shrieked shrieked

It's all my fault orz

La la la la happy x3 I can't stop yet

English Translation by Pricechecktranslations

Key PhrasesEdit

  • 『ポテト 冷める前に食べな』 Eat some fries before they cool down
  • 『男にね 負けるなんてね』 I'm losing to men, or something
  • 『砕け散る夢を見ていた』 I dreamed a shattered dream
  • 『過去は消えずに巣鴨・・・』 Without disappearing, my past was Sugamo...
  • 『自分を捨てるなよな!』 Don't just abandon yourself!
  • 『ロシアでのこと 思い出して』 Those days in Russia/I remember

Illustration AnalysisEdit

  • The first illust shown, Miku and Rin's part
  • The second illust shown, Len's part
  • Rin as Irina shooting her comrades

The first illust shown is Miku and Rin, still in their school uniforms from the previous song; notably, Rin has let her hair down from before, no longer trying to impress Len by imitating Miku. Miku, on the other hand, has taken to wearing golden "M"s around her waist rather than the silver loops, as well as offering Rin McDonald's french fries, as a result of dating Ronald after Magic is Heresy. Rin is shown holding an Submachine Gun on her right hand, likely the source of the gunfire from the previous video.

On the ground are Abe-san's clothes, riddled with bullet holes from the machine gun. It can be interpreted that Rin shot at Abe-san out of jealousy that Len was having relations with the older man instead of her. Despite this indication, there is no blood and the character shows up alive later on, possibly meaning she shot at his jumpsuit in effigy or that Abesan managed to escape naked.

The second illustration shows Len in a dark room at an unknown location; he is shown in his Vocaloid outfit rather than his school uniform, making it clear he is away from the school. Abe-san's clothes are also discarded there, relatively intact; this, along with his dialogue clips, indicate Len has just finished having relations with the older man. Ronald's shoes are also shown in the illustration, possibly indicating his physical presence if not a hallucination.

The third illust shows Irina during the Russian era as part of Len's flashback, shooting at her comrades. Looking carefully, a small shape can be spotted by her feet; this is in reality Len's past life, the dog, who was shot moments before.

Sound Effect AnalysisEdit

The first sound clip of the song is Ronald, saying his "I love you" from his ad campaign, reinforcing Miku's assertion that her boyfriend was kind. In Len's portion, amidst Len vocalizing, clips of Abe-san can be heard urging someone to scoot closer and remarking on sexuality; this, paired with the discarded jumpsuit, indicates that he was having relations Len previously and speaking to him.

Additionally, as Len lies depressed a dog barking can be heard, the barking that is associated with Len's dog past life. This may indicate him remembering or reflecting on everything that had happened to him in that life. Similarly, the next sound effect is the sound of Irina's gun firing, as well as the noises of her victims. The multiple screams indicate several people there at her rampage, interestingly as the only people shown in the scene, from Stealing is Wrong?, are Irina's comrade and the Ronalds.

As Len sings his "Lalalala happy"s, Ronald can be heard talking about dancing and insisting everything is alright in voice clips; this may be an actual attempt on his part to calm Len down if not simply an indicator of his presence, as he is noted later to have gotten close to Len in order to deceive him. He finishes the video with his iconic "Ran Ran Ruu", the meaning of which is up for interpretation.



  • Rin's hair has been taken down from the previous song, ending her imitation of Miku.
  • Miku learning of Rin's rejection is likely due to Tashiro recording her, if the idol was not present to see it for herself.
  • In Nico Nico Douga, the title is written with [ (ry ].
  • In her first line, Miku sings "words" while the text reads as "insults".
  • The song was remastered, with the extra copyrighted audio removed, and released on Putin-P's second album, The Night That Can't Be Seen, The Eyes That Don't Vanish.


  • As Rin has not yet received her memories as Irina, her discussion of her past where she defeated her enemies foreshadows the poor job her producer did of wiping them.
  • Miku's text changed to red briefly for the first time, indicating she also switches between different behaviors.
  • A conceptual art done for the video by Shiuka shows Irina standing over what is presumably an early version of her comrade; the comrade and Irina's positions parallel Rin and Len's poses in the actual PV.

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