Part 1 of the Putin-P series contains nine videos with nine songs and serves as the introduction to the series. It focuses on Rin and Len and their relationship as Vocaloids, as well as showing their various hijinks that will have more serious consequences in subsequent parts to the series. At the 2009 VOC@LOID M@STER 12 convention, Putin-P released an album for Part 1, titled Don't Leave Me Alone., containing two exclusive songs not uploaded. 


From Irina and Red Rin, Kagamine Rin is created and celebrates her first New Year's. Later on, Rin and Len begin taking weed from Ronald McDonald to deal with their own respective problems, Rin always being second to Hatsune Miku and Len being unable to obtain Miku's affection. Becoming determined, Rin intends to impress Len and win him over. To this end, she creates a chocolate to give him on Valentine's day and forces him to eat it as Red Rin. Sometime after Len malfunctions as a result of this, Rin decides to attack Ronald and buries him with her fellow Vocaloid's help.

When she later returns to the house, Ronald arrives alive and defeats Rin in a fight. Calling the police on him, the girl is arrested instead, while Len meanwhile steals what he thinks is Rin's bag and puts what he thinks is his backup disk in to repair himself, accidentally giving himself all his old memories from before being a Vocaloid instead. He is later arrested and the two are processed, before being let out together to walk towards the now-less-certain future.


Uploaded SongsEdit

  1. It's the End!
  2. Don't Leave Me Alone.
  3. Together!
  4. Let's Dream.
  5. I'll Give You Chocolate!
  6. Under the Cherry Blossoms☆
  7. I'm Happy!
  8. Gimme the Handcuffs!
  9. It's the Start!

Album ExclusivesEdit

  1. Tippy-Toe Type
  2. With Big Wings!




  • Part 1 is originally the only series that had no PVs, with two of the videos only given PVs later on with the release of their full versions.

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