Part 2 of the Putin-P series contains eight videos with eight songs, in addition to an extra non-canon song also uploaded. It opens up the main plot of Rin and Len regaining their memories of their past lives, while also introducing Miku's subplot with Ronald. In 2010, Putin-P released an album for Part 2, titled The Night That Can't Be Seen, The Eyes That Don't Vanish., containing three exclusive songs never uploaded.


Now attending Miku's Junior High, Rin hopes to get Len's attention and return to Russia, changing herself to achieve this; meanwhile, Miku meets Ronald McDonald and romances him. Hoping to win against Miku with her crush, Rin learns and tries out "magic" words on him, only to be rejected for a final time and give up. Meanwhile, Len is in reality miserable over regaining his past life memories in Part 1 and missing the "old Rin" from Russia.

As he and Rin start drifting apart, he decides to give the girl her past life memories back as well; as a result, Rin remembers everything about her life as Irina and the dog that she had taken in, that dog being Len. During this time, Miku grows closer with Ronald and understands him, as well as his relationship with the "old Rin", from hearing America's story. Some time after their first date, Ronald disappears and leaves Miku all alone; concurrently, Rin and Len begin a new relationship on the basis of the love they shared for each other in their past lives.


Uploaded SongsEdit

  1. Magic is Heresy
  2. The Day of the Decisive Battle!
  3. Not Together
  4. If We Meet Again☆
  5. Stealing is Wrong?
  6. No Need to Worryy!!
  7. In the Night That Can't Be Seen.
  8. The Eyes That Don't Vanish.
  9. I Don't Wanna Hear It!

Album ExclusivesEdit

  1. Sunny Spot
  2. Eat it, I Suppose?
  3. The Heart That Can't Be Seen




  • This part of the series marks the usage of Shiuka's PVs, as opposed to videos with only a picture of Rin's box art.


  • Despite its inclusion in the series, End of Discussion is a non-canon song only containing Rin and Len's commentary on the PV illustrations. 

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