Part 4 of the Putin-P series contains four videos and five songs. The conclusion to the series, it wraps up each individual subplot across the four main videos while drawing Rin and Len's relationship to a bittersweet close as a result of all that had happened in Part 3.


Everyone having entered in the data world, Len's perspective is shown first as he searches for Rin in order to let her disappear happy. Confronted by Camui Gackpo, he is able to defeat him once and for all in front of Rin, saying his goodbye to "Irina". During this time in Rin's perspective, she comes to terms with her own disappearance and says her farewells, giving thanks to those that she shared her story with and to Len in particular.

From Miku's perspective, she finally reunites with the fragment of Ronald McDonald inside the data world; unable to return to the real world with her beloved, she chooses to stay behind and "sleep" forever. Finally, Len wakes up to find Rin vanished and Miku asleep. Walking with the blank slate Rin left behind, he too comes to terms with his best friend and love being gone and resolves to be stronger from now on. Elsewhere, Teppannov attempts to assassinate Vladimir Putin and is killed by his bodyguards shortly before he could succeed, ending all parts to the story.


Uploaded SongsEdit

  1. The Broken Mirror.
  2. Goodbye to You★
  3. With the You I Can't See.
  4. In Your Eyes.
  5. Farewell!




  • Each of the initial three songs in the series occur more or less concurrent to each other, with In Your Eyes. the only song that takes place chronologically after another.

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