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フラフラしてないで! 今日だけは 二人でサンデー!

"Don't stagger! Just for today, it's our Sunday!" - Kagamine Rin


The Putin-P series (プーチンP シリーズ) is a 4-part series made by Putin-P and mainly illustrated by Shiuka. A story of a certain "Vocaloid" with a dark past, with many twists and turns.

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  • Note that the Putin-P Series is in no way a straightforward story, and one user's interpretation of the story may differ from another. Interpretations are gladly welcomed in forms of blog posts or a start a discussion over at the forum.
    • Interpretation of the series' more vague points is often aided by clues in the songs and lyrics and not merely viewer opinion.
  • Key Phrases are lyrics that are important to understand the general details of the song
  • Notes are details about the song and its context to ease understanding.
  • Curiosities are unclear parts of the song and irrelevant facts.
  • Illustration analysis, as the title suggests, analyzes the illustrations shown on the video (only applies to Part 2, 3, and 4 with exceptions of I'll Give you Chocolate! and It's Happiness! -FULL ver-in Part 1)
  • Sound analysis, like illustration analysis, analyzes the sound effects which could be heard in the songs.

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Part 3

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Part 4

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Featured Song

"Ansatsusha!" (あんさつしゃ!) is a song composed by Putin-P, illustrated by Shiuka, and sung by Kagamine Rin. Ansatsusha! is the first song to "Part 3", first published on November 30th 2008.

During December, Rin is introduced to a live audience on television and sings a pop Christmas song, concerning the titular "assassin", while dressed in a cat outfit.

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