The following guidelines must be followed while editing the Putin-P Series Wiki.


  • Assume good faith and respect other users and admins around the wiki.
  • If any user reverts your edit, secure the reason for it first. If you believe that your edit was needed, and was reverted unnecessarily, approach an admin for help.
  • Please do not share / ask for album MP3s.
  • If another user has frequently vandalized the wiki, report it to an admin.


  • All edits should be made in good faith.
  • As a Wiki contributor (anonymous), do not abuse the privilege of anonymous editing by vandalizing the wiki or you will be blocked from editing in the future.
  • Spoilers up to Part 4 are allowed on this wiki, proceed with caution.
  • Even though the pages within the Template namespace are not prevented from editing, it is requested that if you possess minimal knowledge about wiki-markup, then refrain from editing those mentioned.


  • Images that are not related to the Putin-P series universe will be deleted. This includes images on user profiles.
  • Files should be named properly, so that they are easily searchable.


  • Vandalism is not tolerated under any circumstances.
  • If you are found to be vandalizing pages, you will be blocked from editing for a certain amount of time which starts from a period of one week.
    • If you are a frequent offender, the time you are blocked can be increased.

Other NotesEdit

If you have any concerns, suggestions or just need some help on editing, check out the help pages provided by Wikia. Also, do not hesitate to contact an admin or any other user who will be happy to help you.

Additionally, if you have any rules for this page you would like to suggest please contact an admin to with a suitable reason why you want to add it.