Ronald McDonald
Ronald Avi
Technical Information
Japanese Name ドナルド・マクドナルド
Romanization Donarudo Makudonarudo
Biographical Information
Classification Mascot
Race Japanese
Gender Male
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Black
Affiliation Japan
Miscellaneous Information
First Appearance I'm Happy!
Last Appearance With the You I Can't See.
Subtitle Color Yellow

―Ronald McDonald

The clown mascot of the McDonald's franchise, beloved by children, and a program of which multiple different versions existed by the Vocaloid Era. In present-day Japan, one Ronald becomes a drug dealer. He has an antagonistic relationship with Kagamine Rin and Len due to the opposition of Russia and America, but strikes up a romance with Hatsune Miku. At some point he disappears, only remaining in a fragment within a USB drive.


The Russian EraEdit

At some point, the United States of America created multiples programs modeled after the mascot of the McDonald's restaurant franchise.[1]One Ronald, in particular, was split off from the rest of the units after some time.[2] As a representative of America,[3] he came into conflict with the virus Red Rin, who was loyal to Russia.[4]

Living in Japan, Ronald took up work as a drug dealer at a McDonald's restaurant in Tokyo, selling fast food and marijuana.[5] During this time he became acquainted with Kagamine Rin, recognizing her as his old nemesis, "the world's most pure machine gun."[6]

Part 1Edit

As a depressed Rin and Kagamine Len wished to dream away their problems with weed, Ronald repeatedly made business transactions with them and sold them the drugs they desired.[7] During this time, however, he continued to antagonize the two, and Rin in particular, due to their previous history.[8] On one occasion, Rin called him up and ordered a "hamburger" after receiving a phone call from a buyer.[9]

Choko Ageru 7
At some point after eating some of Rin's chocolate, Len hallucinated that he was being confronted by Ronald along with Abe-san, the former repeating "of course" at Len.[10] On one occasion, Rin attacked Ronald with a machine gun and, crying out, the clown was knocked unconscious;[11] believing him to be dead, she buried him under the cherry blossoms and left with Len.[12] Reawakening, Ronald climbed out of his makeshift grave and took a gun to Rin's house, knocking on the door.

As she opened up, he let out a laugh and attacked the Vocaloid while she was taken by surprise.[13] Engaging in a quick struggle with Red Rin, Ronald managed to gain the upper hand and defeat her.[14] He then stayed in the house as Rin called the police and had her taken away by the police officers for assaulting him.[15] During this period, due to the bullet Rin fired at him, a fragment existed of his programming and was contained on a USB drive.[16]

Part 2Edit

"Of course! I love you."
―Ronald to Miku[src]

Later, Ronald encountered the Vocaloid idol Hatsune Miku while she spoke to a swarm of eager photographers and was dazzled by her, the two striking up a relationship.[17] Over time Miku began to understand Ronald's situation by listening to America's story,[18] and he made no secret of his past or his knowledge of Rin as the "pure machine gun".[19] In the meantime, the clown was kind to Miku and the girl began eating his fast food.[20] At some point, Ronald also got close to and pretended to befriend Len as part of a plan to bring back Rin's earlier Irina programming.[21]

In the Unseen Night
After watching Rin attempt to win over Len and seeing her fail,[22] he laughed and later went over to the depressed Len, presumably giving him drugs as the Vocaloid struggled with regaining his past life memories.[23] At some point during his relationship with Miku, Ronald conveyed to her that he was going to disappear after his normalization was finished.[24] Additionally, Ronald had realized that it was pointless to try to bring back Rin's former programming, the girl already being a Vocaloid instead of the "pure machine gun".[25]

Later on, Ronald and Miku went to the amusement park in Tokyo Dome City for their very first date,[26] having an enjoyable time and having their picture taken together.[27] After their date, Ronald stayed with Miku during the night as his normalization began,[28] smiling at her as she cried for him.[29]

At Miku's request, Ronald enthusiastically repeated his love for her over and over, his speech becoming increasingly more distorted.[30] Ronald then disappeared in Miku's arms and his normalization was completed.[31] Afterwards, Miku went all alone to Koishikawa Korakuen Garden and hallucinated his presence with drugs.[32]

Part 3Edit

"Since it disappeared I have to deal with this!"

Following Ronald's disappearance, the Vocaloid Camui Gackpo was sent out to deal with Rin,[33] while his lover Miku continued to grieve over his disappearance.[34] Later on, Ronald's fragment was found by Miku and she hoarded it, hoping to meet him again using the piece of his programming.[35] The fragment of Ronald was then sent into Kagamine Rin's data interior by Miku so that she could meet with him again;[36] he was then there for Miku to meet with after she linked herself and Len to go inside Rin.[37]

Part 4Edit

―Miku to Ronald[src]

In the data world, the fragment of Ronald stood in his snowy surroundings and met Hatsune Miku inside. Standing there with a smile on his face, the clown made little to no response as Miku repeatedly tried to speak with him, at last letting out a clownish chuckle when Miku became frustrated.[38] While Miku talked about dancing with him, Ronald laughed again and spoke occasionally,[39] although ultimately remaining reticent.[40]

From there it became clear to Miku that Ronald was ultimately unable or unwilling to leave the data world with her.[41] As a result, Miku resolved to stay there together with him.[42] Soon after, he left Rin's interior with Miku and went elsewhere in the artificial world.[43]



"That jerk in the wig is pathetic. Something like just firing, huh!'re the same too aren't you?"
―Miku comparing Ronald to Camui[src]

Fitting his clownlike appearance, Ronald was never seen frowning or unhappy and seemed to take events in stride; as part of this, he laughed and smiled even when other people were miserable,[44] and often when Rin was struggling with her relationship with Len.[45] He also demonstrated a darker side underneath his happy appearance as he frequently broke the law, deceived children,[46] and attacked his political enemies such as Red Rin.[47] Reckless and fulfilling his duty to his government similarly to Camui, Ronald was a type to shoot those that got in his way.[48] He also rarely spoke, only ever communicating with Miku.[49]

It's Happiness 3

Ronald's smile held a dissonance behind it

Despite his dark side, Ronald nonetheless cared deeply for Miku, treating her kindly when the two were dating,[50] and was able to take things seriously while still giving off his jovial demeanor. He also, although willing to attack Rin after being attacked,[51] was nonetheless repelled by her and Len having become a Vocaloid and was averse to attacking the innocent.[52] As a result, he was resigned to disappear when unable to fulfill his objective of destroying "The World's Most Pure Machine Gun" originally given him.[53]

Once fragmented, the piece of Ronald's programming left behind was even more reticent, his feelings essentially "asleep" as a result of what had happened.[54] Because of this, he rarely laughed or responded even to Miku's attempts to remind him of their old relationship.[55] Although smiling, he appeared this way to the end, with Miku resolving to stay behind for his sake.[56]

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

"Ronald, I can't believe it, mew. You were still alive? Aah!"
―Red Rin[src]

Ronald McDonald appeared stronger than the average human, able to dig himself out of the earth if necessary, and able to take abuse that would ordinarily kill a person.[57] This supposedly extended to having increased longevity as well, having existed before Rin's final memory wipe.[58] He also was skilled in weaponry such as using a pistol or other small gun,[59] able to defeat even the highly-skilled Rin in battle if he was able to gain the upper hand.[60]

Additionally, due to his beloved mascot status and clownlike appearance, Ronald was usually above suspicion for his more underhanded activities and could evade the law in Japan.[61] He could not, however, stop his normalization and could only degrade and disappear in front of Miku as a result.[62] Even after his normalization, however, part of Ronald was able to exist in the data world after his programming was stored on a USB drive.[63]


Ronald McDonald shares the appearance of the McDonald's mascot, dressed at all times like a clown with white facepaint, penciled eyebrows and dashes through the eyes, and red paint on his nose and around his lips. Additionally he had a red afro and dark eyes. As part of his clown costume he wore a baggy yellow jumpsuit with red and white striped sleeves, striped socks, yellow gloves, and big red clown shoes; on his chest was a yellow M, the logo for McDonald's.[64]


Hatsune MikuEdit

"You couldn't say anything, but you talked to me alone, huh?"
―Miku reflecting on Ronald[src]

Ronald's girlfriend, with whom he shares a mutually loving relationship. Ronald met Miku during his time in Japan and became enamored with the popular and beautiful idol, the two spending a great deal of time together even before their first official date. During the course of their relationship, Ronald was kind to Miku and shared drugs and fast food with her;[65] he also, albeit indirectly, shared with her his history as an agent of America and existence as a tool for his government.[66]

Due to their similar circumstances of being used, Ronald was very close to Miku and the two had a deep connection as well as being physically affectionate.[67] Despite this, he was reticent towards her and rarely responded to her prompts in fragment form, although laughing and appearing to regain some of his dazzled awe of her when she suggested they dance together.[68]

Kagamine RinEdit

"She's already a "VOCALOID". She's not the "Pure Machine Gun"..."

An opponent of Ronald's. Due to the virus inside her, Red Rin, being his enemy as "the world's most pure machine gun,"[69] Ronald opposed Rin even while selling her drugs in order to get high. This was exacerbated by her being a Russia otaku. Similarly, he would often laugh at her misfortune and the two got into physical altercations as well.[70] This antagonism even extended to his getting close to and tricking Len to give Rin back her former programming in full.[71]

Despite this, Ronald found himself unable to combat Rin as an innocent Vocaloid,[72] similarly being repelled by Len's state of being a Vocaloid.[73] He also realized as well, that Rin was no longer his enemy and giving her back her memories was pointless.[74] As a result, he appeared to give up his opposition shortly before his normalization began.

Kagamine LenEdit

A pawn Ronald makes use of to get to Rin. Ronald had no compunction with deceiving Len into giving Rin back her memories as Irina.[75] Despite this, he appeared bothered by Len being an innocent Vocaloid by this time.[76]



  • Ronald's "Ran Ran Ruu" is a Japanese tagline for McDonalds comparable to the jingle in the American campaigns' "I'm lovin' it."
  • Ronald's dialogue is constructed entirely from clips of Japanese McDonald's ad campaigns.


  • Ronald McDonald's inclusion in the series was inspired by a compilation of remixed clips from his ad campaigns; this compilation was also what inspired the series as a whole.[77]
  • While admitting Ronald as a character couldn't speak much, Numtack05 commented that his dialogue could instead be expressed by the other characters.[78]
  • During Stealing is Wrong?, several Ronald figures are shown behind Irina's comrade, indicated to be the other child soldiers represented by Ronald for unknown reasons.



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