Stealing is A Doctrine
Song title
Original title: 鏡音レンがオリジナル「ぬすみはげどう?」を歌います。

Romaji: Nusumi wa Gedou?
English: Stealing is Wrong?

Kagamine Len
numtack05 (music, lyrics)

Shiuka (illust)

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The song takes place in the Russian Era as a flashback of the past lives alluded to in the previous songs. Irina's dog, later to be the Vocaloid Len, breaks his chains as he wishes to be with his master. While he escapes, he steals the yellow scarf of her bratty companion. Running through the snow, he praises himself for his speed and strength and anticpates being pet by her.

Eventually the dog sees Irina in sight and runs happily closer, loving her and having committed his crime to be with her. He's then suddenly shot by Rin's companion from earlier. The boy laughs, surrounded by Ronalds, and the dying dog bemoans how things turned out. He says farewell to his master as she commits suicide. 


鎖を外せ! 俺は行くのさ
あの娘の元へ! ガキの相手か?
他を当たれよ 俺は自由だ

ついでにガキの 黄色いスカーフ
俺の力を 君に見せたい
俺は強いぜ 褒めてくれよ!

影も踏ませず 走れる
サザエ フネも びっくりさ!
あたたかい 君の手の平でね
頭 なでてっ!  (*´Д`)ハアハア

誰も追いつけず プーチンも驚くな
君が見える 幸せだ☆

腹減った アナゴ食べて
早く 君の 膝で 寝たい

君と二人 生きていたいからね!



Kusari o hazuse! Ore wa iku no sa
Ano musume no gen e! Gaki no aite ka?
Hoka o atareyo ore wa jiyūda
Ore wa kusari o kami kitte hashiru

Tsuideni gaki no kiiroi sukāfu
Nusunde ikou
Ore no chikara o kimi ni misetai
Ore wa tsuyoi ze homete kure yo!

Kage mo fuma sezu hashireru
Sazae fune mo bikkuri sa!
Atatakai kimi no tenohirade ne
Atama nadetee! (*´ D `) haa~haa

Dare mo oitsukezu pūchin mo odoroku na
Kimi ga mieru shiawaseda ☆
Gōru wa me no maeda na

Kimi dake ga sukuidatta…
Hajimete hito ga koishiku natta ☆
Harahetta anago tabete
Hayaku kimi no hiza de netai

Piroshiki mo sute gatai nā
Shiawase o kamishimetai no sa
Ore wa tsumi o okashita
Kimi to futari ikite itaikara ne!

Ore ga rikō ni shi tetanara
Kimi mo shinazu ni sun deta na orz
Uso no sekai de ikitakunai yo ne?
Ii yo… hikigane o hikou


Undo my chains! I'm going
To that girl's side! Is that brat my opponent?
I deal with the others, and I'm free
I'll gnaw through my chains and run

While I'm at it, that brat’s yellow scarf
I'll steal it
I want to show you my strength
I'm strong, so praise me!

I can run without treading on shadows
Sazae and Fune are amazed too!
With the warm palm of your hand
Pet my head! (*´Д`) Haa haa

No one can catch me, Putin'll be astonished too
I can see you, I'm happy☆
My goal is before my eyes

Only you helped me...
For the first time I came to love a human☆
I'm hungry, I eat eel
And I want to nap on your lap soon

I want to throw away the pirozhki too
I want to chew on my happiness
I committed a sin
Because I want to go together with you!

If I had been intelligent
It would have ended with you not dying either orz
You don’t want to live in a false world, right?
It’s okay…Pull the trigger


English Translation by Pricechecktranslations

Key PhrasesEdit

  • 『ガキの相手か?』Is that brat her companion?
  • 『ついでにガキの 黄色いスカーフ』While I'm at it, that brat's yellow scarf
  • 『サザエ フネも びっくりさ!』Sazae and Fune are amazed too!
  • 『誰も追いつけず プーチンも驚くな』 No one can catch me, Putin’ll be astonished too
  • 『俺は罪を犯した』I committed a crime
  • 『俺が利口にしてたなら 君も死なずに済んでたなorz』If I had been intelligent/It would have ended with you not dying either orz
  • 『うその世界で生きたくないよね?』You don't want to live in a false world, right?
  • 『いいよ…引き金を引こう』It’s okay...Pull the trigger
  • 『さらば!』Farewell!

Illustration AnalysisEdit

  • Chains
  • Rin/Irina's first appearance in the series
  • Rin's brother, ready to shot (dog) Len

This song is a flashback from Len's programmed memories; the first illustration shows the chains that held the dog which he bites; these chains would be referenced again in The Broken Mirror.. The next scene is of a snowy stretch of land in Russia as the dog runs. Next is Irina, sitting waiting to receive her dog. The outfit Irina wears is similar to that of Rin's PuuRin costume in the present day, save for wearing pants more practical for the cold climate and a different coat. On her shoulder is a strap which may be for the machine gun she uses to shoot her comrades following this moment. 

The final illustration shows Irina's comrade, a revolver on his hand, laughing after having shot the dog. Multiple Ronalds are in the background in winter outfits; the PV for Goodbye to You★ later depicts this outfit on one of Irina's other comrades, suggesting that the Ronalds in fact are the "others," as in the other children, that are mentioned by the dog. Possible that Irina's other comrades are represented as Ronalds because of their being on drugs and Ronald's general connection to children and the enemies of Rin and Len, such as America. Despite the comrade's resemblance to the Vocaloid Len, he is separate from him and instead is uploaded into Camui Gackpo

Sound Effect AnalysisEdit

A clip of dialogue from the Sazae family is played over the dog remarking at how amazed they must be; similarly, an eel is played over the dog's proclamation that he eats eel, expressing displeasure over the prospect of being eaten. Both are references to Japanese pop culture that are oddly out of place in the Russian setting.

When the dog finishes his approach towards Irina, children can be heard chanting to "pull it", i.e. the trigger, then cheering when gunfire rings out to indicate the dog being shot; these are likely the voices of Irina's other comrades. Remixed laughter is also heard over the picture of Irina's comrade shooting the dog. This type of laughter is associated with Ronald McDonald, making it likely their laugh.



  • This song marks the first appearance of the dog that would become Len.
  • The "brat" companion, as indicated by The Broken Mirror., had been the one to chain the dog up while taking care of him for Irina.
  • The song was remastered, with the extra copyrighted audio removed, and released on Putin-P's second album, The Night That Can't Be Seen, The Eyes That Don't Vanish.


  • The song also marks the first appearance of the Sazae family as mentioned by the dog, although their relevance to the story can only be speculated. 
  • The dog's comment that even Putin would be astonished by him indicates he's aware of Irina's devotion to Putin.
  • The melody for the song is similar to that of "Gimme the Handcuffs!".

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