The Dog
Technical Information
Japanese Name Unknown
Romanization Unknown
Biographical Information
Classification Dog
Race Russian
Gender Male
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Black
Affiliation Russia
Miscellaneous Information
First Appearance Stealing is Wrong?
Last Appearance No Need to Worryy!!
Subtitle Color Red

"For the first time I came to love a human"
―The Dog

The dog is a small puppy that lived in the Russian era of the series. After being adopted by the girl Irina, the dog became her constant companion and only friend as she worked as a child soldier for Putin. After being shot, he was uploaded into the Vocaloid Kagamine Len.


In the Russia EraEdit

"If I had been intelligent it would have ended with you not dying either"
―The Dog

The dog was born, presumably in Russia during the late twentieth century, and lived as a stray. Ignored by all other humans,[1] the dog wandered into an alley, where it was found and adopted by Irina.[2] Quickly growing close with his new human master, the dog would happily eat eel with her, sleep on her lap,[3] and listen to the sad songs Hatsune Miku sang on the radio by her side.[4]

No Need to Worry 1

On one occasion, Irina left the dog to perform her work and entrusted him to her comrade for safekeeping.[5] Chained up and missing Irina, the dog took a quick dislike to the child and decided to break out instead;[6] he therefore dealt with the other child soldiers nearby and broke through his chains.[7] The dog then ran at the boy, stealing his yellow scarf and fleeing into the blizzard.[8]

There he ran, looking forward to seeing Irina again,[9] until finally catching sight of her returning home. Just before reaching his master, the dog was shot by Irina's comrade as multiple other children taunted him.[10] Right as he lost consciousness, he could hear Irina's gun firing.[11]

After his death, Elena reconstructed the dog's personality, memories, thoughts, and desires into a data file,[12] while also giving the dog sapience in the process.[13] The woman then made the data into a spam file that would infect computers and show people the story of his master's death.[14] The data eventually mixed with Kagamine Len,[15] while two similar data files of Irina and her comrade were uploaded into Kagamine Rin and Camui Gackpo, respectively.[16]

In the Vocaloid EraEdit

"It's the you who's not a dog, eh?"

After Len uploaded his backup disk, he recalled all his "memories" of being a dog;[17] included in this, he became depressed to realize that he was the catalyst for her suicide.[18] Over time, because of these memories and feelings, he became intimidated by the girl who was so radiant compared to a dog like him.[19] Eventually, Len decided to give Rin her memories as Irina so that he could meet with his former master one more time.[20] After Rin was damaged by Camui and about to disappear, Miku explained to Len that he was a constructed version of the dog and also explained the nature of the data files.[21]

Inside the data world, as Len rushed to find Rin, he looked back on his memories as a dog and how he was unable to replicate the unconditional love that he had for her back then.[22] He also noted that the chains that bound him in those times, separating him from her, were still there even if in a different form.[23] Despite this, as he moved forward he decided not to look back or revert to that time in his life in order to reach the end for Rin.[24]



"I want to chew on my happiness"
―The dog
Like most dogs, Irina's dog was a carefree and loving animal, easily satisfied with small pleasures like being pet on the head, getting to chew things,[25] or just listening to music with his master.[26] Initially ignored by humans and left to fend for himself, the dog didn't care for them, but came to love Irina after she took him in and shared all her interests.[27] This love drove him to be miserable when separated from her and he took a quick disliking to her companion who seemingly kept them apart.[28]

Along with this, the dog was a mischievous animal that was disagreeable with certain people. He would also steal when he had the opportunity, wanting to show Irina his "trophies" after doing so. As part of this,[29] he was also fond of showing off his strength to his master in order to receive her praise and affection.[30]

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

"I can run without treading on shadows"
―The dog[src]

Although just an animal, the dog was incredibly strong, able to break free of his chains by his teeth alone.[31] He was also very fast, able to quickly swipe the boy's scarf without being caught by him and running far ahead of him through the winter storm.[32] Unfortunately, despite the dog's physical prowess he was not very intelligent and had no sense of right or wrong,[33] unable to understand the danger of taking the boy's scarf and showing it to Irina.[34]


"While running, you're beautiful"
―Rin's description of the dog[src]

The dog was small and brown, with characteristics similar to a Eastern European Shepherd, indicating it as the breed. The small size of the dog, as well as its apparent breed, indicates it as a puppy at the time of being adopted by Irina. Due to being chained up by Irina's comrade, the dog was shown as having a chain around its neck at the time of being killed, although not otherwise wearing any collar or other adornments.[35]



"Only you helped me..."
―The dog[src]
Nusumi wa Gedou 2

Irina from the dog's view

The dog's master. After taking him in, the dog was intensely grateful to her for feeding him and taking care of him when no one else would; over time he even loved her, despite having never loved a human before, and always wanted to be by her side.[36] In small part, this manifested in liking her appearance, the dog program later choosing Kagamine Len as a body because of his resemblance to Irina.[37]

The dog's life, as a result, revolved almost entirely around his master, wishing to impress her to get her praise and physical affection.[38] Because of this, he was unhappy whenever she left and would even go against her wishes to be back by her side. This loyalty and love for Irina, however, did not extend to her companions.[39]

Irina's ComradeEdit

"Is that brat her companion?"
―The dog[src]

Someone to whom the dog was entrusted for a temporary period.[40] Although the boy was Irina's companion, the dog despised him because he kept him away from Irina and had chained him up, considering him a brat.[41] As a result he had no problem stealing his scarf and running away from the boy,[42] as well as not caring if he was being followed by him. This distaste for the boy was only proven correct when he was shot by him,[43] and the dog programming carried this same rivalry with the boy into his life as Len against Camui Gackpo.[44]



  • When red is used to indicate the speaker, Len's text turns red when referring back to his dog programming.[45]


  • The dog's barking is taken from clips of Ronald McDonald's ad campaigns.



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