Who's the Liar
Song title
Original title:【オリジナル】うそつきはだれ?【鏡音リン】

Romaji: Usotsuki wa Dare?
English: Who's the Liar?

Kagamine Rin
numtack05 (music, lyrics)

Shiuka (illust, video)

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After running away from Camui as as seen in Goodbye to the Dream☆, Rin collapses inside her house. Waking up in a stormy place, she's dressed in a Russian outfit while another red-eyed Rin stands nearby dressed in her Vocaloid outfit. The distressed girl insists it's an impostor and remembers the promise she made with her uploader that everything would be for "this" world, her new life. She wonders which of them is the liar in this situation.

The other Rin asks "Irina" if she had any regrets leaving Putin and remarks that, as a virus, she'd overstayed. She promises to let Irina "return" to her work. As Irina protests she isn't a virus, the other Rin asks her what her fate would be then, as the one who's created. Irina admits she understands, but tries to convey her relationship with Len, eventually resigning to disappear without him. Afterwards, Len and Miku are seen instant-messaging each other; after learning from Len that Rin is gone from the house, Miku says she will go to where "his" fragment is at Suidoubashi and Len tells her he will join her.


ああ? ここはどこなの?
あぁ― 嫌な景色だにゃ




プーチンもね あなただけで

ウィルスの癖に 長居しすぎ、、、











AA? Koko wa doko na no?
Aa- Iya na keshiki da nya
KokoAtashi no naka na no?
Anata wa dare yo?

Minai de yo!
Kagamine RINwa atashi dakara ne?
Nisemono wa kiete!
Yakusokushita deshou?

  • U Pu nushi to atashi

Subete wa kono sekai no tame nito

Atashi no ishi de ikiru
Sore ga dekinai kuni wakirai
Jisakujien no wana
Atashi wa jiyuu no tame nito

Usotsuki wa dare?

Nee IRIINA, mou ii deshou?
Omoinokosu koto nai deshou?
PUUCHIN mo ne anata dake de
Manzoku to itta no dakara ne☆

VIRUSU no kuseni nagaishi sugi,,,
Boku mo zuibun kuroushita><
Moto ni modorou?Kimi no shigoto ni☆
Kondo koso owarasete ageru☆

Uso!Atashi wa VIRUSU janai
Senbu PUUCHIN no jisakujien !

tsukurareshi mono no unmei☆

Sonna no atashi mo wakatteru
Mou kanawanai to shitte iru
Kono sekai de kanjita koto wo☆

Te wo ugokaseba, nanika
Kawaru subarashisa
Yume janakutemo mieru
Shiawase no kanjou☆

Hitori janai to omowasasete kureta
Yuujou yori mosukoshi dake
Nigai no☆

Wakatteru koto na no ni ne☆
Doushite konna ni kurushii no?
Itsumademo soba ni itai☆Naante
Sunao ni omocchaunda nya☆

Subete ga kagayaite mieru☆
Atashi wa shiawase no naka ni!!
Toki ga tomareba ii na☆
Muda Muda Muda Muda Muda Muda Muda Muda

Mou tsukareta kara neyou
Kono sekai ni sayonara shiyou☆
Atashi dake nara daiyoubu☆
Kimi wa waratte ireba ii kara!te

Kikoenai no ni BAKA ne><
Demo omoidasu no wa kimi yo?☆
Atashi mo mou kakugoshita wa
Tsukareta tsukareta
Tsukaremashita nyaa☆

Hitori ni shinaide

Ah? Where is this?
Ah—What awful scenery, mew
Is this...inside of me?
Who are you?
Are you a VOCALOID, mew?

Don't look!
"Kagamine Rin" is me isn't it?
So be gone, impostor!
Didn't we make a promise?
The uploader and I
That...everything was for this world

Living by my own will
Countries where I can't do that...I hate them
It's a trap of this charade
That...everything was for my freedom

Who's the liar?

Hey Irina, you're fine already?
You don't have any regrets?
Because Putin said,
He's only satisfied with you☆

Despite being a virus, you've overstayed,,,
It was also extremely hard for me><
Shall we return to the start? To your work☆
This time I'll let you complete it☆

That's a lie! I'm not a virus
Everything is Putin's charade!
So? What is it?
The fate of "the one who's created"?☆

Such a me also understands
I know I can't bear it anymore
To what I felt in this world☆

If you move his hand, something
Changes, wonderfully
Even if it's not a dream I can see it
A feeling of happiness☆

He made me feel I wasn't alone
More than comrades...Just a bit more

Although this is something I understand☆
Why is this so painful?
I want to be by your side no matter what☆ Thaat
Is what I honestly feel, mew☆

I can see everything shine☆
Inside my happiness!!
Time should stop☆
It's futile futile futile futile futile futile futile futile

I'm already tired so I'll lie down
I'll say "farewell" to this world☆
If it’s just me it'll be alright☆
Because you should still smile!

Although you don't hear that, idiot><
But is what I remember you? ☆
I've already made my resolution
Tired, tired
I've become tired, meeew☆

Don't leave me alone...

English Translation by Pricechecktranslations

Key PhrasesEdit

  • 『「鏡音リン」はあたしだからね?』 "Kagamine Rin" is me isn't it?
  • 『偽者は消えて!』So be gone, impostor!
  • 『約束したでしょ? うp主とあたし』 Didn't we make a promise? The uploader and I
  • 『ねぇイリーナ、もういいでしょ?』 Hey Irina, you're fine already?
  • 『ウィルスの癖に 長居しすぎ、、、』 Despite being a virus, you've overstayed,,,
  • 『だから?なんだ? 「つくられしもの」の運命☆』 So? What is it? The fate of "the one who's created"?☆
  • 『この世界に「さよなら」しよう☆ 』 I'll say "farewell" to this world☆
  • 『ひとりにしないで……』Don't leave me alone...

Illustration AnalysisEdit

  • Rin passed out
  • Another "Rin"
  • Notice Rin's freckles
  • The red shoes
  • Scattered clothes
  • The two Rins
  • Skype

The song opens up with Rin having passed out sidewise just inside her house, having had no time to close the door, take off her shoes, or turn on the lights. Her pose is reminiscent of all characters past this point shown "sleeping" while inside the data world. On subsequent illustrations Rin is shown in an empty region overtaken by a snow storm, identical to the area of Russia where Irina committed suicide. As this part of the data world is Rin's interior, or mind, it may implicate that Irina is fixated on the moment of her death. 

Similarly, Rin in subsequent illustrations has freckles and the same costume as Irina did in life; this, along with the white text, indicates she is the real Irina inside of Rin. The illustration of Red Rin shows her in the Vocaloid outfit that Kagamine Rin doesn't typically wear, however she's also wearing Ronald McDonald's clown shoes. The reason for this is unknown. After several illustrations from past PVs to signify Rin/Irina's relationship with Len, the two are shown standing and facing each other, with Red Rin using a more aggressive stance. 

The final illustration before Len and Miku's Skype conversation is of the skirt, coat, scarf, and hat Rin usually wears discarded on the floor, foreshadowing for the next song in which she is seen by Miku only wearing her Vocaloid outfit. Finally, the conversation between Len and Miku on Skype is shown. In this we learn, among other things, the name of Len and Rin's dormitory and the reiterated fact that Rin shed her outer layers of clothing.

Sound Effect AnalysisEdit

Computerized noise is used liberally through the video, with Red Rin's speech put through a filter--similarly, Irina's responses to Red Rin is punctuated by the beeping of a computer. Near the end, as Rin says her iconic "Don't leave me alone," a voice clip is heard saying "Of course!".

Following this, and during Len and Miku's Skype conversation, remixed clownish chuckling can be heard in the background, possibly indicating Ronald's involvement in Rin's disappearance into the data world or his role in the songs to come. Following the announcement of the next song, a remixed clip of Ronald's "RAN RAN RUU" is also heard, fitting his role in this stage of Miku's character arc. 



  • From this point on Rin is in the data world, hence becoming Irina.
  • One of Miku's texts is that Rin had, "inside of herself," become divided; this means that both Irina and Red Rin were components of Kagamine Rin.
  • The title of the next song, "Don't Interfere, Okay?☆" finishes the last text Miku sends to Len--she is making him promise he won't interfere.
  • The "him" Miku mentions in this song is revealed to be Ronald, her having a fragment of his self on a USB.
  • Irina's denial of being a virus, it being "Putin's charade", references The Voice in My Heart ○ where it is revealed Teppannov inserted the virus Red Rin to undermine Elena's rebellion.


  • Len implicates in one text that he and Rin both live in the same dorm, although in the past it was indicated they each had separate houses.
  • It's not established in the song who the "liar" is; Irina's mention of her new, free life being a charade may suggest she believes she is the liar in the end.
  • Although it's vague what Red Rin means by the "work" Irina must complete, Don't Interfere, Okay?☆ implies she might have been acting out Irina's suicide, first in watching Len being shot and then trying to shoot herself, before Miku intervened.

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